The Glimmers – “LOVE DUB, and this has it written all over. Difficult to choose one, kinda like them all. – mO disko / Rheinzand”

Andy Hickford (Downtown Science) / Outlaws Yacht Club Leeds / Belgrave Music Hall / Headrow House / Rising Edge Radio / KMAH Radio – “Ace release – love the Rich Lane version”

Chris Summers / Rough Trade (West) – “Rudely Fresh for me.”

Peza / Bleep Music – “What a great release this is! Love all the tracks….great remixes all round, Love Rich’s dub….Al’s remix is sublime and BFP kills it also! Great stuff here! xxx”

Rev Milo / Spiritland / Bestival – “Dub house disco – all is forgiven! Great stuff”

David Miller / FiniTribe – “Rich Lane Dub for me. Awesome”

Cosmonauts – “Rich Lane for me”

Marco Carola – “Downloading for Marco Carola, thanks.”

Andy Bell / GLOK – “Bedford Falls and the original do it for me”

Manolo Neto / Curitiba / Brazil – “cool”

cnnr / Cut Mistake Music / Brooklyn / NYC – “fall players all the way”

Mera Bhai (Flamingods) – “Big acid vibes on rude audio, love.”

Nico De Ceglia / Various clubs / Radio 1 / London – “Good one”

Richie Rundle – Slugrave / Digbeth Dining Club, The Ruin Digbeth / Birmingham – “Beautiful remix from Big Al MacKenzie”

Bill Meadowcroft – “Very hard to pick a favourite, they’re all up there.”

Sasha (via Steve Parry) – “dirty goodness”

DJ Rocca (Ajello, Supersonic Lovers, Erodiscotique) / Italy – “Lovely EP…all originals and remixes are great. perfect for summer set”

Whitney Weiss / Rinse France / Paris – “Swimmy fun productions, lovely percussion, will be playing on my show. Thanks! x”

Rosy Ross – “Great EP, lots to zone out to, and you’ll travel far!”

Pompelope / Paris, France – “nice dub track”

The Secret DJ – “oh yeah all about that Al MacKenzie one innit. Nice.”

Mark Broadbent / Ibiza / Croatia – “Nice and slow…certainly going to help divide opinions this summer”

Guy Laliberté / Cirque du Soleil / One Drop Foundation / Lune Rouge / Montréal, Canada – “A++++++++++”

Thanasis Besinis aka Pene / Professional Crap Dancers & Deaf Ears Disco Cult / Athens / Greece – “big heat is a melter!”

Rocky T Delgado / Mother / Dublin / Love Sensation Festival / Mother Pride – “The original is dreamy and enticing but those Alphabet Street drums on the Bedford Falls Players remix! Man, I can’t cope…”

Chris de Buerre / Homodrop / Eagle London / Midnight Riot / Fruite / Dalston Superstore – “Lovely chuggy summer vibes here – like it! I like the groove of the original and the BFP remix – great stuff!”

Craig Bratley / Magic Feet, Bird Scarer, Tsuba, Instruments of Rapture, Claremont 56 – “great package, think Rich’s remix is my favourite though”

Beane Noodler / Soul Buggin’ / Nottingham – “Chuggin’ ell. Acid face jacuzzi. Bedford Falls Players remix is large”

Man of the Times – “Big Heat – Bedford Falls Players Remix. Gosh.

Brings back wonderful memories of times gone by. The percussion has a very ‘Come Together’ feel to it. Wonderful track.”

Alex Hammond / BIRMINGHAM – BAMBU, ARCA, MONO, IF – “all lovely here”

Paco Osuna / Barcelona – “Will try thanks ;)”

Nick Warren – “Great remixes”

Jennifer Cardini – “thank you!”

Boris Dlugosch – “I’ll go for the Al MacKenzie Mix here”

Renato Cohen / Brazil – “Dope!! “Big Heat” original and Rich Lane remix”

Human Machine / Italy – “nice!!”

Nicolas MASSEYEFF / Herzblut / Boxer – “nice release”

Max Essa / Bonobo Jingumae Tokyo, Aoyama Tunnel Tokyo – “Great stuff, really like Al’s remix. Straight onto the playlists!”

Richard Dorfmeister – “cool !”

raik// Hey Today! – “great thanks!”

Harri / Sub Club / Glasgow – “liking these, will play and support”

Sean Johnston / A Love From Outer Space / London – “All killer no filler!”

Severino / Horse Meat Disco – “pretty cool”

Jaye Ward / PLU – Bristol / PATSY DSS – London / MAGICAL REAL every sunday NETIL RADIO – “cor wicked tracks!!! super smart dub and chug. VERY into the bedford falls remix.. this WILL make you walk funny! ace all round!!”

Andy Taylor / We Are The Sunset / London – “Mighty strong ep – needs to be played loud for maximum feels whether it’s Rich Lane’s heavy dub of Big Heat or Al’s late night Dust Devil remix.”

Timmy Stewart (T-Bone & Black Bones) / The Night Institute / Belfast – “Bedford Falls & Rich Lane for me. Thank you!”

David Phillips / We Love resident (Space & Tour) / Radio Sonica Ibiza – “Love this. Especially the last two”

Kosmos / Nitsa / Nasty Bass / Barcelona – “love it”

Stevie Kotey / Chicken Lips / Ambassadors Reception – “This is amazing. Thank you”

Matthew Puffett / Future Beat Alliance – “Love the Rudely Fresh track – thanks for sharing x”

Scott Ferguson / ROBOT84 – “Cool remixes all the mixes sounding Ace, Rich Lane is the one for me”

Jerry Bouthier / JBAG / Kitsuné / Vivienne Westwood / Continental recs – “Rich Lane remix for me today thx supportin”

Outtake / Naples / Italy – “This sounds like gold! thank you”

Bryce Hackford / NYC – “Cool pack, thank you”

Rose Corps / NYC – “Really loving the Dust Devil remix!”

Sammy W and Alex E / tobus rec – “will play for sure, thx”

Gregor Zalokar / TrickyDisco! / Ljubljana and beyond – “Nice; g”

Werner Niedermeier / Buena Onda / Bullet Dodge / R2P – “Rudely Fresh sounds good!”

Trevor Fung – “Lovely release ….Thanks”

Thanasis Besinis aka Pene / Professional Crap Dancers & Deaf Ears Disco Cult / Athens / Greece – “chuggers of the highest order!”

Pete Bones – “rich lane’s is the stand out mix for me”

Alice Palace – “Lovely EP with some heavyweight remixes”

Spatial Awareness – “Lovely EP :)”

Duncan Gray / tici taci / various – “Pure Gold. Very hard to pick a fave. Quality originals and quality remixes. Everybody has done a top-notch job here.”

Tony Thorpe / Studio Rockers Records – “feeling Big Heat the Rich Lane Remix the most”

Matthew Scott / The Nearest Faraway Place – “Loving the bubbling acid of the BFP version!”

Iain Mac / Project Spectre / Clandestino / Leeds – “Loving the Originals”

John Paynter / Paisley Dark Records / Leeds – “Excellent release”

Martin Nesbitt / The Bodega & Rescue Rooms (Nottingham) – “Love it!”

Gordon Kaye / TRANSFORMATION, every Saturday at The Academy, Oxford – “Wow. Some ace mixes turned in here. Will be playing the Al MacKenzie, BFPs and Rich Lane. A first class package.”

Lost Heroes / Social Distance – “FUCKING BRILLIANT ! KEEP IT DRUGGY”

Elusive Thoughts – “Top work from some of my fav producers!!”

Mike Edwards / RhythmCast / Windmill Beach Project / Aberdeen & Edinburgh – “Lovely ep/remixes. Testing this one on a beach in Ibiza and sounding great.”

Dave Elders / Edinburgh / MFSB – WeComeToDance – HereWithMe / Monthly column for LeVisiteur Online – “1, 3 & 5 for me. Nice work.”

Gregor Mac / Afrobeats / The Basement Club – Dundee / Experience House & UtterSounds Radio – “al mackenzie delivers a superb remix of ‘dust’ for rude audio. some quality remixes to choose from”

Peter Collins / Brel / Glasgow – “cracking ep, all good tracks and remixes were great. pitched slightly and banging is how i want to hear them. bedford falls mix is class.”

Shaun Whelan / Yachtrock / Waterford / Ireland – “Rudely fresh is excellent”

Andy Smith / Penthouse / London – “like this Al Mackenzie mix”

Dan Lywood / Burberry / Playlister – “Will definitely use this :)”

Mark Ruston / Egg, various / London – “Nice :)”

Kirsty Fuller / London – “love the track Rudely Fresh!”

Lloyd / The Longchamps – “Great release! Every track/version a corker, but Mr Lane is unbeatable! Thanks x

Dominik Zapadka / Hive / Kasheme / Zurich / Switzerland – “Especially the Big Heat original and the Rich Lane Remix are outstanding! Very balearic vibes!”

Franco / Toasty Events / Singapore – “large warmth”

Christian Larsson / SOUNDZ – “super nice!”