OPR8/Decades / Sub FM and 1020 Radio / Bristol – “Super chilled spooky biznis!”

Alec Tron / Radio Active FM / New Zealand – “nice”

Pathaan / ‘Pathaan presents…’ / OpenLab / Ibiza – “Beauty !”

Rule Six / Burn The Elastic / Music Box Radio – “Great stuff – all great tracks but love the Heroes cover and Patience Dub”

Duncan Smith / PlayStation – “Sounds like this could soundtrack a few festivals this summer!”

Don Letts / Culture Clash Radio / BBC 6 Music – “…..most excellent bass heavy selection!”

James Gale / Vision on | 1BTN | Brighton – “Weatherall v Pink Floyd vibes!!”

Ben GC / 1BTN / Brighton – “the 18 minute one is something to toy with for sure”

Tim Love Lee / Various, worldwide / East Village Radio NYC – “ha ! love it”

Chris Brennan / The Brutal and Beautiful / CJSW Radio / Calgary / Canada – “So much trippy music happening on this one.”

Haus Of Beats Radioshow / Txapa Irratia 97.20FM / Bergara / EH / Spain – “Great. Thanks”

Karl Phillips / Random Jukebox / Source 96.1FM / Cornwall – “Not sure if it’s wonky or just wobbly but will be playing on Random Jukebox nonetheless.”

Laura Zuanella / Selexterhood / Zealous Patterns / Block Radio / Coventry – “great!”

Bill Brewster / Bill Brewster podcast NTS – “Nice EP”

Tia Cousins / Club Mick’s resident / NTS Balamii / London – “noice”

Richard Sen / Various / Do You! Radio / Balamii – “Fire On The Mountain is cool psychedelic indietronica.”

Will Nicol (Northern Soul Rave Patrol) / Totally Wired Radio / FAITH – “Heroes is right off the deep end, in the best possible way :-)”

Chris Sweet / Northern Soul Rave Patrol / Totally Wired Radio / FAITH – “Fire on the Mountain my fave on first listen, I like the idea of the merry prankster bus driver doing Bowie’s heroes but the voice isn’t William Burroughs and is a bit of a let down in reality. I may need to get more adjusted to truly appreciate this so will listen again with more patience for the prog dub finale”

Ket Shah / Mucho Soul / Totally Wired Radio – “Sorry Not feeling these tracks”

Jaye Ward / PLU – Bristol / PATSY DSS – London / MAGICAL REAL every sunday NETIL RADIO – “marvelous slices of ambient dubby chuggy lovely goodness!!”

Michelle Manetti / Threads Radio – “not for me thanks”

Moskalus / Threads Radio – “Yessss!!!!”

Mike Bradbury | Balearic Ultras | Higher Love Recordings / 1BTN | Music For Dreams Radio – “Totally having psy prog dub, kin aces musica lads, massive respect and full support”

Timothy Wagner / Our Starry Universe / 1BTN / Brighton – “RECORD OF THE YEAR!”

Tommy Castro (T. Locrasto) / Our Starry Universe / 1BTN / Brighton – “Oh yes… this is just what I needed. It swirls & throbs as we dance around the fire. There is a controlled trippy-ness w/ stellar dub effects, nuanced sound palettes, playful samples & next-level production. This is a very fun listen & I look forward to playing these out loud. Nice one!”

Midfield General / Generalisation / 1BTN / Brighton – “A very enjoyable dub journey… thank you”

Steve KIW / Balearic Assassins of Love / 1BTN / Brighton – “Interesting stuff. Loving the irreverent Bowie cover…. shouldn’t work but it does.”

Al Mackenzie / Retroforward / 1BTN / Brighton – “Excellent stuff”

Alice Palace / 1BTN / Brighton – “RA/DW… evidently a great pairing. Especially loving Heroes”

Murray Scott / UBIK / 1BTN / Brighton – “LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! All the tracks are strong but the cover of Heroes is superb. Talented chap that Dan Wainwright.”

Mike Tate / 1BTN / Brighton – “Great work!”

Local Zeros / 1BTN / Brighton – “Magnificent psyche dub from two of my favourite producers.”

Jaffo / Blues and Grooves / The Face Radio / Brooklyn, NYC – “Great!”

Corin Arnold / ed2000 / Dreamtime / Cashmere Radio (Berlin) / Dub Intervention / The Face Radio (Brooklyn, NY) – “like all trax, full support”

Alex Ruder / KEXP 90.3fm / Seattle / USA – “thank you”

DJ Ron Slomowicz / WRVU Tribe / Play / WRFN / Chicago / USA – “Cool collabs”

Rob Zile / Brain Food Radio / Kiss FM / Australia – “lovely deep sounds”

Stinky Jim / Stinky Grooves / 95bfm / New Zealand – “Already a fan and Be Love and Heroes are already on next week’s radio show. Grande!”

Benoit C / Tsugi radio & mag / Paris – “cool ep”

Richard / Mucho Bizarre / Campus FM / Toulouse-France – “I really like this one !”

Andre Langenfeld / Byte FM / Berlin – “will play, thanks!”

Stefan Wagner / tiefton + headz / Radio Z / Nuremberg / Germany – “quality production, radio play”

DJ Rim-K Radioshow ‘Soundtraffic’ / BRUZZ ICE / Bruzzels / Belgium – “Lovely all the way !”

Phil Cooper / Various Worldwide / Music for Dreams Radio – “Interesting stuff”

Andy Wilson / Balearia show / Music For Dreams Radio / Ibiza Sonica FM / Ibiza – “loving the dubby chuggy psych vibes”

S/A/M \ Music For Dreams Radio / Playasol Ibiza Radio (Ibiza) / Radio Buena Vida (Glasgow) – “I love Dan Wainwright’s work….this release is so cool….stinks of talent! So many layers”

Andy Pye / Balearic Social / Music For Dreams Radio – “Lovely stuff from Dan doing what he does best”

Dr Rob / Test Pressing / BANBANTONTON / Music For Dreams Radio / The Remedy / FM Karuizawa / Japan – “A damn fine dubby EP. My favourite is the opener – Be Love – which sounds like Timothy lost, tripping, in some foggy industrial 4th world landscape…”

GÖO! / The Phonica Records Show / Radio Primavera Sound – “great vibe!”

Steve Miller aka Afterlife / Subatomic Radio Show / Ibiza Radio 1 – “Fire On The Mountain hits the spot :)”

Gabriel I / Tenampa Recordings / Mexico / Mexico Connection show / Ibiza Global Radio – “love it”

valentin huedo / WooMoon / Ibiza Sonica radio – “I love this”

DJ Dribbler / Word of Mouth Radio Café / St Eulalia / Ibiza Sonica Radio – “dope on a rope”

Kristijan Molnar / Radio Beograd 202 / Belgrade / Serbia – “Nice! Thank you from Belgrade”

Alexander / Kiss FM / Ukraine – “Thanks, will support!”

Tim Faberge / 100.5 Star FM / Kiev – “Proper”

Ilya Rasskazov / Headz FM / Mixmag Russia / WW Moscow / Worldwide FM – “sounds dope!!! playing!!!”

Leri Ahel (Mutant disco radio show) / Gradski radio Trogir, Gradski radio Osijek, Radio Labin, Space radio, Radio Maestral, Mix people FM – “Solid EP. Will support.”

Snooba / Fade to Pleasure / Panik / Woot / Grenouille / CanalB / C’rock / Diversité FM / Louiz Radio / You FM – “Précieux et raffiné. Dub from outer space. Great galactic and harmonic project!”

Quincy Jointz / Søndae Records Radio Show / SM Radio / KRKQ FM 95.5 / cyberJAMZ / Radio 808 / Shake!FM – “good dubby stuff”

Alkalino / Munich / Radioactive FM / Greece – “thks will try.”

Nadav Ravid / KZRadio / Botanika / Tel Aviv / Israel – “Love it. Psychedelic dub on steroids.”

Chad Jackson / various / Journey Through / Music Box Radio – “Cosmic and dubtastic.”

Si Kurrage / Point Blank Radio – “Not what I expected, but in a good way ..”

Jon Freer / Freer Sounds / Universal Rhythms – “Not for me”

Gavin Lucas / Amateurism Radio – “So excited to hear more of this. Favourite release of the year so far!”

Scott Hutchinson / Kane FM / Guildford – “Totally digging this, more wonky than willy wonka on that magic chocolate that is all the rage with the kids”

Stylax / Breakin’ Boundaries / Kane FM / Guildford – “Wicked sounds”

Boulé / Orange Rooms & The Social / Voice FM / Southampton – “good tunes”

Wayne Chester (WayneDjc) / XtraHot / Bournemouth & Poole – “Awesome chilled beats for a Sunday afternoon and an excellent Heroes that Bowie would have approved from . This track alone gets top marks”

Myk.R / The Fused Wireless Programme / Big Satsuma Radio / Fylde Coast Radio / Lake District Radio – “KEN!! :)”

Mark Cooper / The 365 Social / 365 Radio – “Really love these guys and the fact this collaboration has been bubbling away under the surface for sometime, the fact it has surfaced and is sounding amazing, is a credit to both artists. Great work. Will be playing lots of these in my tiny corner of things…”

Adele Carmichael / The Slab City Show / Future Radio 107.8 FM / Norwich – “Corr! I loved Patience Dub too! What a Prog journey. The rolling synths with experimental dark vocals is a journey.”

Oisin Lunny / Geek Pie Radio / Totally Radio – “This had me at Ram Dass, but Heroes as well, wow!”

Tommy D Funk / The Safe As Houses Show (The New York Edition) / The Buzz Mcr / Manchester – “FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN !! WHOA !!!!”

Colin Spencer / Big Satsuma Radio – “Mark/Rude Audio have featured in my programmes for some years now and it’s a fine collection of new things to listen to here…. and I’ll be downloading to include something(s), cheers for this, C.”

Dapper Dunc / Ambideckstrous / The Isolation Station / Graffiti Kings / Rising Edge Radio / Paisley Dark Radio – “I didn’t think the ten minute cover of Heroes could be beat, until I hears Patience Dub (A Prog Odyssey) wow what a trip man! Loving the expansiveness on each track. Knowing Dan & Rude Audio’s separate back catalogue, nothing prepared me for this!”